Hair treatments over time can cause thinning and hair loss

Excessive hair-styling and hair loss go hand in hand due to the damage caused by chemical hair treatments and their processing times. If hair treatments are regular and the hair follicle is always being subjected to high heats, gels, hair sprays, pulling, tugging, teasing, clipping etc… it comes as no surprise that breakage and hair loss would soon follow. Hair dyes, bleach and styling products are toxic for the most part and much of what one puts on the scalp will absorb into the bloodstream through the pores to wreak havoc internally. Not only that but the physical destruction that excessive styling provides by way of constant brushing, blow drying, curling and ironing does take its toll. Scalp irritation is highly likely with excessive styling and many people unknowingly use products that cause them to experience rashes or develop an allergic reaction. By limiting the number of hair-styling treatments one does to their hair and taking the time to observe any change in the health of the hair follicle and hair growth, this underlying cause may be identified and eradicated.

Hair Colour and Hair Dyes Increase the Risk of Hair Loss

Dying one’s hair is certainly not reserved for the female gender. Both males and females alike have been known to use hair colour to accentuate their look, whether to update their current look or to hide signs of ageing. Hair dyes do vary in constitution, however, most of them will contain ammonia or peroxide, which are known to be harmful to the hair follicle. These hair dyes also pose a threat to the body since a small percentage will get absorbed through the scalp and into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, these chemicals can travel to the organs and tissues of the body and set off an inflammatory response. Low-grade inflammation is one that develops in the body over several years. It is the result of years and years of exposure to toxins and environmental pollutants. Hair dyes are just one of many potential pollutants that get introduced to the body causing low-grade inflammation. Over time, however, this exposure catches up, perpetuating chronic diseases or autoimmune disease and can trigger the onset of cancers and death.

Types of Hair Dye and the Hair Cuticle Damage

Semi-permanent colour is that which lasts up to 26 shampoos. How it works is the pre-colour molecules penetrate the hair cuticle and enter the cortex. They then couple up to produce medium-sized colour molecules. Since semi-permanent colour does not contain ammonia, the natural hair pigment is not lightened. They do typically contain a small amount of peroxide which enables the colour enhancement and can cover grey.

Hydrogen Peroxide Hair Loss

Permanent colour is necessary to create a more drastic colour change. Ammonia and peroxide are both present in permanent hair colour. Minute molecules enter into the cortex, where they then expand to a size which cannot be washed out. Both hydrogen peroxide and ammonia have the potential to cause irritation to the scalp. In some people, an allergic reaction may occur. Where there is scalp irritation, there comes the risk of hair loss. Hydrogen peroxide has the potential to modify one’s hair structure resulting in poor shine and weakened hair strands. The destruction of the outer layer of hair removes its natural protection and can make hair noticeably brittle and prone to breakage.


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