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Hair Loss Treatment for Women 

For too long hair loss and hair loss treatments have been considered a men’s game. But, did you know, by the time women reach menopause, 40% will have experienced some form of female pattern hair loss. That’s almost half the female population affected by hair loss symptoms!

At Hair By Science, we firmly believe women should have just as much a right to the latest hair loss treatments as men do. Hair is an incredibly important signifier of one’s looks and can really impact how either gender feels, so it’s important that both women and men are included in the hair loss conversation.

In this blog, we show you just what goes into the Hair By Science female hair loss packages. Read about the differences between the male and female hair loss packages and the benefits of the packages to women regrowing their hair. But first, if you’re wondering what causes female hair loss, check out this blog ‘Hair Loss In Women’ to understand the underlying causes of female androgenetic alopecia.

Hair By Science Female Hair Loss Packages

The White Package

Our basic white package for women contains 10% Minoxidil, an FDA approved hair loss treatment. Perfect for women who want to stimulate more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle, Minoxidil works by prolonging the growth phase of each hair cycle and with regular application can work wonders.

Actually discovered in the 60s while being used as blood pressure medication, it’s since become a topical application that’s helped so many women regrow hair in thinning areas.


The Black Package

The Black package contains 10% Minoxidil and specially formulated dietary capsules. Why dietary capsules? Hair loss isn’t just caused by genetics or age, a number of factors, including stress, hormones and diet can determine how strong and vibrant your hair is. Nutrition is also important to look after from a treatment perspective. If your hair isn’t receiving enough Biotin, Niacin (B3), vitamin C, zinc or iron, the rate of hair production and growth can slow despite taking hair loss treatments such as Minoxidil.

Learn More: Diet and Hair Loss


Gold Package

Ladies, in our opinion, it’s gotta be gold. That is, the gold package will have you golden for many years to come. It contains dietary capsules for essential vitamins and minerals, our proprietary regrowth serum, and a derma roller. The proprietary serum is similar to the men’s version, except again, the Dutasteride that’s dangerous for female health has been removed. Instead, 10% Minoxidil is included along with 0.12% Bimatoprost and 0.0033% Melatonin.

What’s Bimatoprost and Melatonin? Bimatoprost is a ‘prostaglandin’ meaning it has hormone-like effects on humans and animals. It’s been used as a hair loss treatment after glaucoma patients using it found it made their eyelashes thicker. Melatonin, on the other hand, has been shown to help hair fight free radicals and heal damage to hair follicles through antioxidant properties. A 2004 study found participants who rubbed melatonin on their heads increased the rate of hair production during the growth or ‘anagen’ phase of the hair cycle.


Platinum Package

Think platinum for massive action on your hair loss. Platinum includes all the features of the Gold package but with the added benefit of hair loss shampoo and conditioner. While hair loss shampoo is not a game changer for hair loss, it does help create an optimal environment for hair loss treatments to work their best. The shampoo and conditioner contain both plant-based extracts and essential oils including nettle, gingko biloba, burdock, chamomile, hops, horsetail, oats, peppermint, grapefruit, bergamot, geranium, lemon, rosemary – phew! All of these ingredients have each been shown to promote a healthy and shiny head of hair. Chamomile and oats soothe the hair follicles, peppermint, ginkgo biloba and grapefruit stimulate blood flow while nettle has been shown to inhibit DHT in safe amounts for women. It’s all about how you cleanse, nourish, and fortify.


How Are These Packages Different from the Men’s?

Our hair loss packages are virtually identical to their male counterpart with one important difference – all female packages have had anti-androgen medication removed from them. So for example, the men’s black package includes Finasteride capsules instead of essential vitamins and minerals. The male version of our proprietary serum includes Dutasteride, another anti-androgen. Finasteride and Dutasteride are DHT blockers but they’re not safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. For this reason, we prefer to ensure all the women’s hair loss packages are anti-androgen free.


PLATINUM                Proprietary Serum, Dermal Roller, Dietary Capsules, 2x Shampoo & Conditioner

GOLD                           Proprietary Serum, Dermal Roller, Dietary Capsules

BLACK                         Minoxidil, Dietary Capsules

WHITE                         Minoxidil 

So that’s the full description of our hair loss products for ladies! Again, the Hair By Science team is committed to providing hair loss treatments for women and including women in the hair loss conversation. Email us today to find out how you can benefit from our female hair loss packages. With no lock in contracts, flexible payment plans and free medical advice readily available, there’s no reason not to start your hair regrowth journey today. You don’t have to accept your hair loss as a woman, there are strategies and tips to help you regrow and regain your confidence again.