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Introducing the Derma Roller for Stimulating Hair Growth

Benefits of the Derma Roller for Hair Growth

  • The dermal roller is one of the latest technological advancements in the hair loss industry
  • Dramatically improves hair regrowth in patients who are undergoing prescription hair regrowth serum treatment.
  • The derma roller delivers benefits to the hair loss patient through its unique mechanism of action called “Skin Needling.”

How the derma roller delivers its benefits to the hair loss patient

  • Constructed with a rotating wheel made up of micro-sized needles
  • The derma roller is attached to a handle which the patient uses to glide the device across the scalp.
  • The wheel portion of the derma roller is compact being only a few millimetres long.

How to Use the Dermaroller for Hair Loss

The Derma Roller delivers its hair growth benefits through its unique mechanism of action referred to as “skin needling”. A handheld device equipped with micro sized needles, when rolled over the scalp, the needles open pores facilitating both delivery and absorption of the prescription serum. Prescription serum works best when it is delivered to the lower layers of the skin. The Skinrolla Derma Roller is believed to trigger the wound response, stimulating protein production, resulting in new hair follicle growth.

 How the Derma Roller releases Human Growth Factor

To successfully regrow hair, the relevant genes need to be activated for new hair cells to develop and grow. Many different chemicals are required to trigger the production of hair cells. The most critical of these chemicals is “human growth factor”. Scientists believe that the dermal roller may be useful in triggering the production of human growth factor. As the needles of the Dermaroller are rolled along the skin, minor surface wounds start to appear within the tissue. Since the body is designed to respond where there is injury or infection, these internal factors set to work to produce new skin at the given site. In doing so human growth hormone is released alongside other chemicals that assist with this process. It is believed that when these chemicals are released, hair growth is also stimulated within the area. This is indeed a benefit where a patient may be experiencing thinning.

The benefits provided by collagen and elastin

The dermaroller has been shown to increase levels of collagen and elastin in one’s skin. In dermatology, where patients have developed pits, scarring and wrinkling, this is often attributed to a lack of collagen. Collagen plays a key crucial role in maintaining one’s skin texture.  Through the use of the derma roller patients can benefit from the increase in collagen levels.

Increased absorption of the hair growth serum

The Derma Roller is not designed to cause pain and distress. The micro-needles are extremely minute, and the user should only experience a slight tingling sensation when using the device.

By temporarily opening the pores on the scalp, the hair growth serum which gets applied after a “skin needling” session will have the ability to absorb deeper into the lower layers of the scalp. This is an access which is not often obtainable. Providing this pathway offers the hair loss patient a much greater potential for thick hair regrowth. Hair follicles that have not been successfully responsive in the past to topical serum stand to benefit from the use of the Derma Roller, for its stimulation of the uppermost layer of the scalp allow for a better oxygen supply to the hair roots.