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About Us

Who We Are

In our quest to be the best in business, baldness was the price we paid. After scaling the seven seas for an answer we decided to take it into our own hands and put our money where our hair used to be. We set off on a mission to find the most successful, affordable and technologically advanced hair loss solution on the market. On our journey we discovered the Hair Restoration Master Dr Jeremy Cumpston who is the genius behind our brand. Mission: Smashed!

Behind our cool and dynamic exterior we strive to offer honest advice and science based treatments.

Dr Jeremy Cumpston

Who is Dr Jeremy Cumpston?

He studied at the University of Adelaide’s School of Medicine. A progressive Doctor with a thriving medical practice in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Dr Cumpston has accumulated more than 15 years in both Australia and overseas, working in the field of men’s preventative and anti-ageing medicine specialising in medical hair restoration treatments. He has perfected a topically applied prescription only formula to regrow thinning hair in combination with the latest mesotherapy procedures.

How Does It Work?

  • HBS uses the latest hair re-growth technology and research in order to create a comprehensive and effective hair re-growth solution. The HBS program contains; a cutting edge pharmaceutical serum, proven therapeutic devices, capsules and a shampoo and conditioner with natural hair growth compounds. It is the combination of these elements, as well as the expertise of Dr Jeremy Cumpston that makes the HBS program both unique and effective.

What Products Do We Use?

  • Hair By Science (HBS) Serum - Our cutting-edge, prescription hair growth serum
  • A dermal roller (microneedling technology), that increases the absorption and effectiveness of the prescription serum
  • Low-level light laser therapy (LLLT) device
  • HBS’s own Shampoo & Conditioner– containing active natural ingredients scientifically proven to help with hair loss
  • Custom compounded capsules, containing science-based hair growth promoting compounds

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike leading competitors, Hair By Science is an online business. Thus we don’t pass on bricks and mortar operating costs. This setup allows us to keep the price of our hair regrowth products competitive and allows us to invest deeper into cutting edge pharmaceuticals without compromising on quality or their safety.


We believe in exemplary customer service, so we offer no lock in contracts and payment plans to suit client needs and budgets.