How does it all work?

Your journey to better hair is a simple one with Hair By Science. There are four simple steps to our service.

Mobile. Step 1

Step 1: Register

We want to get to know you! After a brief medical questionnaire, we’ll be able to recommend the perfect products for you. And if you choose to purchase a prescription product, our doctors will be able to write you a script.


Step 2: Get Shopping

Look over all the products we have to offer and select the solution that suits you best. Don’t forget, our friendly support team is on hand 24/7 if you have any questions.


Step 3: Doctor Review

If your order includes prescription products, our doctor will need to approve your order and issue a prescription, which will be sent direct to the compounding pharmacy.

Step 4: Get Your Order

Your products will be dispatched in our discreet packaging; and will come with detailed dosage and application instructions. Just follow these to a tee, and sit back and enjoy the results!


With our range of the most effective prescription and non-prescription products, coupled with our industry-disrupting platform and frictionless subscription service, simply make a purchase and it’ll be the last time you need to think about hair loss. with these prescription

Her Hair.

Create fullness, thickness, and enjoy hair you just can’t stop touching with our hair loss treatment packages for women.

His Hair.

Halt the hair loss, encourage regrowth and enjoy a fuller look up top – give yourself the hairstyle options you’ve always wanted with our packages for men.

His Hair

We’re fast, we’re reassuring, and we won’t waste your time. We’re Australian-owned and operated, and able to provide you with the most effective clinically proven products from the comfort of home.


Our methods are based on science. It’s in our name, afterall! See how it works for yourself.


Curious to find out more? Read about all the most up to date revelations in the science and biotechnology of hair regrowth.

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